Does Eco Matter?

Magic Oxygen's Car: zero emission Leaf
Magic Oxygen transport: the zero-emission Nissan Leaf

Magic Oxygen Publishing work with sustainability and concerns for the environment at its very core. Co-founders, Tracey and Simon West believe it is possible to run a successful business and have personal and corporate social responsibility laced all the way through it.

Tracey has written about eco-issues for various UK and international publications since the 1990’s and was included in The Ecologist’s list of 100 Great Influencers. She founded InterNational Downshifting Week in 2003, a campaign designed to help people keep a firm handle on the work / life balance in favour of life. Her first big dip into the literary world was with the environmental bestseller The Book of Rubbish Ideas, which encourages people to live more sustainably and keep more money in their pockets.

Simon is a very proud downshifter and was an avid bicycle user to get to work; now he only needs to commute down the stairs to get to the home office. He followed Tracey’s lead some years ago, switching all personal and household cleaning products to organic and chemical-free options, always favouring natural alternatives that do a great job.

Magic Oxygen Publishing and Swan Developments (the eco-website development and hosting company run by Simon) use 100% renewable, sustainable options to power their busy computers, the use FSC paper, they recycle all possible consumables like printer cartridges, glass, cardboard and paper and do their level best of minimise use of any plastic. They carry Onya, hemp and fabric bags when shopping and favour local suppliers like Footeprints in Bridport and Creative Solutions which was in Lyme, now in Axminster.

Tracey and Simon are vegan and proud members of The Vegan SocietyGreenpeace, CND and the Green Party and they founded Frack Free Lyme Regis.

Magic Oxygen Publishing do not print their books by using an inexpensive company in a foreign country, they use a print on demand service in Milton Keynes which means there are no boxes of stock sitting around, sad and unsold, awaiting pulping. If copies are ordered from overseas, they are – with very few exceptions – printed in that country too, minimising book road miles.

They aim for eco-transparency in every aspect of their business and actively promote low cost and low carbon options for communication including email, telephone and Skype meetings. Magic Oxygen aims to be a carbon neutral business. They also plant trees for every new book they launch into the world and for every MOLP anthology they sell.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the staff and visitors are fuelled by vegan food, organic and Fairtrade coffee, tea and hot chocolate and occasionally home made bread and biscuits too.

Does eco matter?

Too right it does!

The Team