What We Do

What We Do

Magic Oxygen Publishing is a relatively new publishing house, with a handful of established authors and several aspiring writers about to launch their first works into this highly competitive marketplace.

Whether you are in print already, or simply an excited writer with burning ambition to be published, we can probably help.

Headed up by Editor Simon West, the Magic Oxygen team offer all the services you need to turn your words into a proper book, including: getting your all important ISBN, proofreading, editing, indexing, translation, photography, art graphics, front and back cover design, full layout and all the rest of the fiddly and technical bits that get your body of work onto the bookshelf.

Your manuscript can be transformed into a paperback or hardback in a choice of sizes and finishes, an e-book suitable for Kindle or other e-readers, it can even be recorded as an audio book.

Whether you require a dozen books for family and friends to share your memoirs, or your prized collection of family recipes, or you want to present your potential best seller to a worldwide book-buying public via Amazon and have it listed in trade catalogues where bookshops around the country can place orders, that’s achievable too, Magic Oxygen can help.

Your marketplace is virtually limitless, with the UK and the US the simplest to effect, but selling your title throughout Europe and across the rest of the world is an option we can talk about when you’re ready to launch.

Take the first step by getting in touch with Simon for an informal chat about what you’d like to happen with your manuscript and start the magic rolling.