Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic, by Lily Laine (paperback)



This survival guide pulls no punches and is essential reading for anyone living with an active drinker, particularly spouses and partners. Its tried and trusted practical steps will help you rediscover yourself and find strength to get through the tough times. It is packed with action points for you that will help your loved one find sobriety.

  • Paperback: 154 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1910094064
  • ISBN-13: 978-1910094068
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Living with an alcoholic is no fun but leaving them is not always an option people want to take; this book delivers a viable, successful alternative. It’s a survival guide and essential reading for anyone living with an active drinker, particularly spouses and partners. With tried and tested practical steps, it will help you rediscover yourself, find the strength you need to get through tough times and it is packed with action points for you to help your loved one find sobriety. This is not an airy-fairy book about hope; the techniques outlined in ‘Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic’ are incredibly effective and pull no punches. They were developed by the author Lilly Laine, while her husband was a chronic active alcoholic. Her positive actions led to him seeking help and becoming long-term sober. Guided by several written and verbal exercises, 10 Calls to Action and 6 Golden Keys (critical steps that vastly improved the author’s life and got it back on track) the reader will find a way out of their chaotic maze and it will put them on a course towards a more fulfilled existence, whilst still loving their alcoholic partner. The net result of this powerful book will illuminate a runway for the alcohol dependent that points directly towards their sobriety. You can start immediately on the road to your recovery by visiting the author’s blog, and you’ll also find details of the 21 day rehab program for anyone living with an alcohol dependent partner. This is a no-nonsense, focused workbook that has great results awaiting the reader.

7 reviews for Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic, by Lily Laine (paperback)

  1. Emma Spiegler: Founding Director Children of Addicted Parents & People

    Lilly offers a helping hand to those in the depths of despair with clear & powerful writing. She exposes the hidden self-betrayal of those immersed in the family illness of addiction. Her personal journey shows the important first steps towards self-care.

  2. Lauren Booth: Journalist, Broadcaster & Human Rights Activist

    I feel a lump in my throat of gratitude for the author. This book is a briskly un-syrupy practical guide designed to lift us out of the emotional quagmire that is life with an alcoholic.

  3. Tracey West: Author & Patron of Women’s Action Network Dorset

    An absolute must-read guide for anyone who has a partner struggling with alcohol addiction. Packed with structured self-help guidance that uncovers a blueprint for recovery from one of the most gripping demons of our time; alcohol.

  4. Rob B Windsor: Playwright on Alcohol Addiction

    A perfect accompaniment & resource for anyone struggling in isolation with easy to follow advice from the soul of a lady who has lived through close attachment to an alcoholic who recovered.

  5. Hilary Henriques MBE: CEO National Association for Children of Alcoholics

    Everyone deserves to live a creative & meaningful life. Sadly, when alcoholism is the family secret, children are more likely to experience difficult situations with a great many problems. This book will help you break the cycle of addiction & enable you to plan a more positive future & live more fulfilled lives.

  6. Michelle Nadler-Roffe FRSA: Trustee NACOA

    Alcoholism sucks the lifeblood, integrity & humanity from family situations. Lilly shows precisely how powerful change can work miracles; an essential companion for anyone affected by addiction.

  7. Anonymous Samaritans Helpline Volunteer

    This will prove a valuable resource for the often despairing family members who live with someone with an alcohol dependency.

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