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Siobhan & Eddie are happy & deeply in love, until cancer comes to call. Siobhan decides her husband deserves to hold onto happiness after her demise & starts seeking out a new partner for him in the Lonely Hearts column of the local paper. Eddie has also been struggling with his own demons since she was diagnosed. As much as he adores his wife, he cannot find it within himself to get close to her, either physically or emotionally.

The appearance of a man who becomes Siobhan’s constant companion and with whom she discusses everything, marks the beginning of an amazing journey – but only she can see him. Is he simply a figment of her imagination, part of a drug-induced fantasy or something more sinister? One thing’s for sure, when her new nurse arrives, everyone’s world changes colour.

This powerful play is a love story that poses many heart-rending questions to the audience; when love is all you have, how do go about giving it away and how do you even begin to say goodbye?

‘Dominion’ traces the delicate, distressing and tender journey made by two people who thought their love was all they would ever need. It’s a humanitarian story told with passion that will grab hearts and leave audiences thinking… and grateful. The original production was performed at The Flavel Theatre in Dartmouth on 24th 25th and 26th March 2011. It was directed by the author and presented in aid of Rowcroft Hospice.


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