Dreaming the Moon, by Izzy Robertson (eBook)


Haunted by strange dreams and loathe to say goodbye to her boyfriend Anthony, Robyn Greening seriously regrets taking a summer job on the North Cornish coast.

Following a bitter betrayal by Anthony, she reconnects with old friends at a new age shop called The Dragon''s Rest only to realise all is not good. Jim and Julianne are on edge and following several odd experiences and a worsening of her nightmares, Robyn discovers her human world is linked with another magical universe and the barrier between them has been damaged to the point of collapse.

Dark powers have been growing in the magical realm, awaiting an opportunity to take control of both worlds. Robyn becomes increasingly immersed in danger as she sets off on a quest to find a lost fragment from the shield and restore it to its rightful place.

Meanwhile, sinister forces on the other side are desperate to find it too. Increasing incursions from the magical realm put everything that Robyn has come to hold dear at risk, as she and her friends search desperately for the missing piece.

Can she manage the impossible and save both worlds before the time runs out?

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