Sam Rogers’ Happiness Manifesto (paperback)

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Sam Rogers was vibrant soul in his early 20’s.

He was a dreamer, a philosopher and a literary philanthropist; he also passed away far too early following a tragic accident. Sam gave away copies of his self-published as The Happiness Manifesto, fuelled by passion and a driving force to show people there is another way to live.

Sam traded, ‘Free Books for Smiles’.

I always wanted to visit certain cities and distribute books on the street. I want to create and achieve something for myself that will hopefully benefit other young people who want to achieve their dreams and become who they want to be.
Watch this space…

This book is being re-published to raise awareness and funds for WaterAid, Sam’s favourite charity.

I'm sure Sam would say thank you for helping to make Malawi’s water clean and safe to drink.

Then, I imagine you’d get a beaming smile.

Please be sure to click “Look In The Book” for a sample read and be sure to have tissues nearby.

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3 reviews for Sam Rogers’ Happiness Manifesto (paperback)

  1. Danny Peters

    Potentially life-changing. This book lays it on the line for anyone chasing after money instead of getting on with living a happy life.

  2. julie (verified owner)

    74 pages of insight full takes on how life should , could be and is meant to be. Sams wise observations and enlightening views are responsible for adding volumes to the already intuitive mind set I live life. One day I hope to thank him after my time comes , away from this place we call life.

  3. Zane

    This book is not just a story but rather a gift, words of wisdom from the past, presant & i believe well into the future. Home truths that are rerly spoken out load by a heart felt visionary that will follow me to the end.
    Kia Kaha.

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