The Pick-Up Artist, by Chris Hill (eBook)

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Rob Thompson, a 22 year old advertising executive is excruciatingly shy and supremely unsuccessful at dating. In a desperate attempt to find a girlfriend, his best friend Sam advises him to seek the advice of a web community called The Pick-Up Artists, who use psychological techniques to help their members appeal to the opposite sex.

Follow Rob”s exploits in this colourful romantic comedy as he attempts to apply his newly learned techniques at an after work event and succeeds in getting a date, but it all ends in disaster.

As his confidence grows the plot thickens and he flirts with another colleague, then finds himself attracted to the advertising director as well, who is clearly out of his league.

Rob desperately attempts to juggle all three women through a variety of challenging situations including an office football game, the local pub, a seemingly harmless barbecue and a near fatal attempt at DIY, as he battles to weave PUA advice into his chaotic social life.

It”s a world where women are far more complex and sophisticated than he could ever be. Will Rob make the grade, or crash, burn and fade?

The Pick-Up Artist is a raucous comedy for the digital age and modern take on an age-old story of the search for romance.

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1 review for The Pick-Up Artist, by Chris Hill (eBook)

  1. Rani Shergill

    This is the second book I have read by Chris Hill and it is an unputdownable page turner.

    The story itself without giving too much away is about a journalist who has issues with making himself appear attractive and interesting to the opposite sex and so he resorts to a website called PUA for dating tips. What results is quite a comical romp into the world of dating for Rob, a junior employee in his firm.

    Many of the characters did make me laugh in particular Crazy Al, Rob himself was a bit of a plonker but saying that in a nice way. Many of the women in his office scared me never mind Rob. Loved the twist at the end ! I actually kept wondering after that last chapter whether I had missed some vital clues about it earlier in the book.

    My young daughter asked me what a pick up artist was after reading the title. I naturally felt I had to divert that conversation away else I could have been explaining that one all night. 🙂

    This book proves what a versatile writer the author is in that he can write prize winning literary fiction and now a hilarious comic novel with such ease and so well. I thoroughly recommend this book to all readers and for us women reading about dating from a man’s perspective is a bit of an eye opener.

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