Poetry of Divorce: For Women, by Tracey West (paperback)



‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’ is the first in a series of books on surviving divorce with your sanity and a smile, by Tracey West. An essentially upbeat collection of poems for women going through separation and divorce by Tracey West.

  • Paperback: 138 pages
  • Publisher: 8 April 2013
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0957562101
  • ISBN-13: 978-0957562103
  • Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 12.7 x 19.5 cm

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Poetry of Divorce: for Women is the first in a series of books on surviving divorce with your sanity and a smile, by Tracey West. Through a sharp and comedic pen, they outline everything from the uphill struggles, to the absolute adventures faced by many women, as they attempt to carve a coherent route through the most emotionally and financially draining times. Tracey’s divorce poetry will move you from laughter to tears with truths from several different women’s personal experiences of divorce and offers an honest reflection of common journeys showing you’re not alone. Part of the proceeds are being donated to the West Dorset Women’s Refuge and another Dorset organisation helping women in crisis.

12 reviews for Poetry of Divorce: For Women, by Tracey West (paperback)

  1. Matt Harvey: BBC Radio 4 Wondermentalist, Author & Performance Poet

    Humour, heartache & hope, held together with rhythm & rhyme, it’s great! Tracey doesn’t shy away from painful stuff, she does what she sets out to do, bring light to something dark. What started as a process of self-nurture & self-healing ends up an act of celebration & generosity. You’ll find yourself cheering her on as she’s cheering you up!

  2. Helen

    This is a diamond in the blackness, an emotional, gut wrenching, soul-singing read, that shows I’m not alone. Love the Coping Tips!

  3. Niamh

    This book has little pearls of wisdom with a point of brightness to aim for in the tunnel of divorce. A great boost when my emotions were running high & my self-esteem was at an all time low.

  4. Donna

    Tracey has created a wonderful resource for women faced with similar challenges. Passion, wise words, sadness, laughter & lots of naughtiness! You cannot fail to be moved by her writing.

  5. Maggie Mickshik: CEO Martha Care

    Broaches the unthinkable topic of divorce alongside child bereavement in a realistic & uplifting manner. A most excellent read, but prepare yourself for giggles & tears.

  6. Anonymous Amazon Customer

    Poetry of Divorce For Women is a journey through the pitfalls and sorrow of Divorce and separation, a bright shining light glowing in the darkness, guiding you though. An absolute must for any seeking advice, the coping tips alone are a true insight into all things you will need to know. Its not a man hating book, far from it, the author finds true love! Well worth it!! Highly recommended!

  7. Sarah Barnard

    It’s not just about divorce, although that is the focus for sure. This little book, a slim volume packed with a range of powerful stuff, speaks to any relationship break down. But, somehow, Tracey West manages to touch the untouchable with a healthy and cathartic dose of down to earth humour and practicality. The Coping Tips scattered throughout are practical and bring reality back. The poems range from heart breaking, through laughter and tears, and shine with the hope that life isn’t over just because your relationship might be ending. There is light at the end of it all, if this is where you are, hang on in there. It gets better.

  8. Maggie

    As a divorce survivor myself, I’ve been amazed that anyone could sit down and describe the pain, despair, humour and poignancy of separation in a way that could touch my worldly, divorce-weary heart. Yet, that’s exactly what Tracey has been able to do with the Poetry of Divorce. She’s plumbed the depths and returned bearing jewels of insight, humour and compassion, all of which she describes to us, the reader, in such a way as to keep us enthralled and delighted. I was touched, moved, amused and amazed all in the time it took to reach the back cover. I took heart at Tracey’s journey through her own pain; through the flow of life, taking the hurt and turning it into inspiration through her poems. But, Tracey’s real jewel for me as a bereaved parent, has been her ability to tap into the eternal torture that is losing your child. Divorce then takes you to the horrendous place where the only person in the world who shares your pain and memories, is standing on the other side of your child’s grave unable to look at, talk about or engage with you and your uniquely shared experience. Many people could begin to even think about how that feels, Tracey is that rare author who hasn’t shied away from such a difficult subject. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to you, you will not be disappointed.

  9. Susie B

    I had a horrendous divorce from a violent man 27 years ago – this book was like reading my autobiography. Tracey is an amazing writer who manages to capture the essence of what you go through, how your mind works, those endless head tapes, the planning, the ecstasy of leaving, so quickly replaced by the anxiety and stress of coping with the torrent of things to do, people to inform, …………. Somehow Tracy found the strength to put pen to paper and get it all out (unlike myself who tried wine and took up chain smoking). This wonderful book takes you through the highs and lows, and makes you realise there can be a light at the end of it all, and one day you will be FREE, its not all sad – its also very very funny!! Highly recommended – buy it for your friends, or yourself, if you are going through it.

  10. Mark Mansfield

    When reading my review for “Poetry of Divorce for Women”, the first thing you might ask is “how does that work”, because I’m a man 🙂 I have to declare that my knowledge of poetry is limited. I don’t tend to read very much of it, haven’t written much of it myself and so I’m wholly unqualified to comment on Tracey’s work at the level of poetry. However, I am qualified to comment on the divorce aspect, having gone through a messy divorce myself. My initial reaction to reading Tracey’s book was basically OMG. It takes you right into the moment of what it’s like to be a woman on the receiving end of a physically abusive relationship with a violent man. Whilst I’m no stranger to verbal and emotional stuff myself, I still felt a real sense of shock and outrage that such behaviour could go on and be hidden from view by the combined habitual actions of both the husband and wife. I thoroughly recommend her book to all people who find themselves in such relationships. Let’s face it, men can fall victim to women as well. I think we can all take something from it, regardless of the particular mode we’re up against. The word “love” is used by these people in a manipulative way to play on our emotions and the trick is to see past this and recognise it for what it is. There is no place for abuse in any kind of genuine loving relationship. There is a chance that Tracey’s words can help give you the strength to get out of the unhealthy relationship you’re in. This book is for you.

  11. Chessie Jules

    You will be amazed at how this book pulls humour and truly unimaginable (unless you’ve been through it) feelings together to shed light on all of the stages you will go through and maybe help you through them bit by bit. Each poem I read and felt a part of my own reality inside, this has made me laugh and made me cry, but overall it showed me it is okay and so will the future be.

  12. Spirit of Less

    Being in the thick of this, I downloaded the book and on a low moment sat in a cafe I brought out my Kindle and thought I’d have a read with a nice cup of tea.

    Well, it’s an amazing read, there are all sorts of poems and nuggets of information in here. Some made me very thoughtful of how lucky I’d been compared to what other women are suffering and others gave me inspiration that I could do this and see light at the end of the tunnel. It certainly made me feel less alone and scared than I had been feeling.

    I got to some hilarious ones which had me laughing and giggling so later that day I read them out loud to my daughter and we giggled away together. By the end of a few of them I had tears of laughter trying to read some of them out and certainly didn’t expect that at this emotionally upsetting time.

    A truly uplifting book which I highly recommend, thanks Tracey for such beautiful words x

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