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A collection of six funny, lively and exciting tales for young readers. In the first tale ‘Boxes of Temptation’ read how Leo and his brother Johnny attempt to make their fortune by looting a big broken container washed ashore from the huge shipwreck beached near their home on The Jurassic Coast. Next in ‘Striker’s Valley’ see how watchful Striker, brave Digger, noisy Gerty, Venom Viper and many others get together to save their home from those who want to turn it into a big car park. Then come and meet old Captain Jock who lives in a harbourside wooden cabin full of creepy crawlies and Gargantula a huge spider hanging from the beams.

Joath the Sloath and Dug the Slug race for glory in the Dibbledowndelly ‘DASH’. Then in ‘Astraflop’ meet the ‘Snottos’, the ‘Blottos’, the ‘Swottos’ and the ‘Poshos’ and see how they all live in their different lands or Quadrants then find out what happens when their world is invaded from Outer Space. Finally, in ‘The Amazing Christmas Light Show’ young Kirsty meets Father Christmas, then read what happens when the town Christmas tree explodes and shoots super bright laser beams of coloured light into the dark sky.


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