The Clouds of Escalion, by Connor Cadellin McKee (paperback)


In this sequel the Children of the Crater, the Vanir, beings with great power and extraordinary abilities, remain at war with humans who are determined steal and use their abilities to eradicate their kind. Fenrir, stonger than ever, fights alongside the other Dragons, fierce protectors of Dragon Creek, the hidden city and refuge of the Vanir. When a violent event triggers the death of one of the city’s most highly regarded inhabitants and almost simultaneously a new Vanir with almost untold power ascends, Fenrir and his fellow warriors find themselves in a desperate race against time, as an unknown and dangerous enemy issues a yet another threat to their existence. Travelling across South America, Fenrir must further develop his powers while his friend Gabrielle is tasked with retrieving a mysterious suitcase. But strange things are occurring that thwart them at every turn and if they cannot get back to Nevada in time for the ultimate battle, then all that they hold dear will be lost.

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