The Dreamer, by Sue Hampton (paperback)

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Set long ago and faraway this green allegory is an adventure that becomes desperate and dark. Moro, rich and heartless, holds the village at the foot of the mountain in his power, but he always wants more.

Lark, the mute peasant girl, has known no love since her mother died and can never please her father however hard she works. She carves the Flower Bird she sees in her dreams from clay and wood but it is destroyed by her bullying brother. She takes solace in her friend Fedor, the goat herd who has a limp and a kid called Nettle. Although Fedor never understood why his father left, he knows that when he sings, it’s his father’s voice he hears and he hasn’t lost hope of finding him again.

Lark and Fedor meet an old blind man who lives alone on the mountain and calls himself The Dreamer. They glimpse the magical world they see in his crystal story bowl which is beautiful and enticing, but when Moro discovers the crystal behind the waterfall, he thinks so too and covets it for himself.

There’s deception, temptation and danger as greed begins to destroy the life of the village and the weak are first to die.

Available in February 2015

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1 review for The Dreamer, by Sue Hampton (paperback)

  1. A.Dawes

    “I have missed you,” he’d say, as he told me once before,
    “like I miss the blue the sky forgets…”

    A magical fairy story, brilliantly and imaginatively written, this story is not just for children.

    Everyone should read this story, and more than once. Sue’s words keep the child in you alive, and as I have often told my own children and grandchildren, there are no grown-ups, only older children.

    I was glad to be reminded that the hidden child in all of us can be your best friend. Sue herself has said that she believes in the power of stories, and I believe as passionately about the power of words too, having felt their strength many times.

    Sue certainly knows how to use words. Reading The Dreamer was better than a good meal. I must eat and sleep before reading The Dreamer again, and would love to get inside Sue’s head to steal her next few hundred words and claim them as my own.

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