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Our New Titles: Blind Cupid, by Max Brandt

Cover of Blind Cupid by Max BrandtMax Brandt lives in Devon with his wife Janie and started writing more years ago than he cares to remember.

For 25 years he fronted a rock band and pens lyrics occasionally, but  more recently,  has contented himself writing several one-act plays and a full length drama called Dominion which will send shivers up your spine and naturally, we’ll be publishing it soon.

His début title, Blind Cupid was written over ten years and was inspired by his time spent working in the care system with damaged and abused young people.

Blind Cupid is no gentle read. When we were first approached with the manuscript Simon and I discussed child murder and abuse at great length. Did we want to dive into this murky underworld? We don’t want to visually wound our readers and this is heavy material.

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