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What's All This POD Stuff About Anyway?

Veruca Salt from Charlie & The Chocolate FactoryIn Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the over-indulged little princess Veruca Salt famously demands “But I want it NOW!” in such whining tones that everyone cheers when she finally gets her just desserts and plummets down the garbage chute.

Despite us definitely not condoning such atrocious behaviour, we believe very firmly in delivering books precisely when the customer wants them.

With traditional publishing, the publisher takes a massive gamble and orders a print run, frequently of 5,000 copies. If these sell well, they may order a reprint and if it’s deemed to be a best-seller, it may increase to many more than the original print run.

However, if they¬†don’t sell, the publisher is left with a stack of books that no-one wants to buy and a rather bad case of egg on his or her face. The excess books are then a problem for someone and either have to be sold off at very low prices – have you ever seen books in the discount stores or for 1 penny online? – or they are pulped, destroyed at a cost to the publisher and of course, to the planet. Continue reading What's All This POD Stuff About Anyway?