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Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2017: the exciting bits…

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There’s a wonderful sense of calm wafting through the office today, but like snow at the seaside, I doubt it’ll stay long enough to settle.

Last night, we sent the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology 2017 up the wire to the printers and we all breathed a welcome sigh of relief. From the moment the contest closed at the end of December, right through to the moment we hand over the money to our talented winners, there is a palpable sense of urgency to tick all the necessary tasks off the big To Do list.

Judging the pieces is a joy, but a huge responsibility. Every single entry is sifted, graded and graded again with a process more finely tuned than at a premium quality flour factory!

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How Alex Smith & Josh Woodward Brought #MOLP to Life

#MOLP, as you may already be aware, is our fond family name for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize.

We launched our teaser trailer video at the beginning of June and it has proved to be a very successful little marketing tool to get it out into the world.

It was created by Alex Smith, a 16 year old student at the time, who was delighted to make it to boost his portfolio as he prepared to set off on a quest for a permanent job as a graphic designer.

Tracey West was the creative director for the project and Simon West started the ball rolling by selecting the soundtrack that the promo was to be set to. Simon knew exactly where to seek out the perfect piece of music and headed straight towards singer and songwriter Josh Woodward. Lovers of Ubuntu will easily recognise the demo music he created for Canonicalclick here to listen; incidentally, Josh won the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase 10.10 with it!

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