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New Website for Bridport Prize Winning Author Chris Hill

Front page of website for Bridport Prize Winning Author, Chris HillWe are supremely excited about the forthcoming Lyme Literary Festival which will take place between 9th and 15th February 2015.

Chris Hill, one of our fabulous new authors, will be there launching his latest book, The Pick-Up Artist.

In preparation for the book launch, he has also launched a brand new website, courtesy of our sister eco-company Swan Developments.

Chris is a phenomenal social media hound and if you’d like to keep up to speed with his literary activity, hop across to and subscribe, or follow his Twitter stream or Facebook page.

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Buy the Book & Get a Tree!

Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology cover - A Tree Planted For Every PurchaseClick to pre-order.

The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2014-15 was a truly unique international writing competition that sought excellence in two categories; short stories and poetry.

This anthology contains the 10 best pieces and winners from each category. They were awarded the highest marks by 21 judges from around the world, which were whittled down from almost 800 entries received from 31 countries.

In association with the Community Carbon Link, we planted a tree for every single entry received in a tropical Word Forest in Bore, Kenya.

For every purchase of the anthology in paperback or e-book, we will plant another tree in the Word Forest and we’ll also contribute royalties that will fund the building of an urgently needed classroom at the Kundeni School.

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Our New Titles: The Empire of Evil

Cover of The Empire of Evil by Gordon StrongIt is with much pride and a shiver in our spines that we unveil the cover for The Empire of Evil by Gordon Strong.

Gordon is a fabulous magick and mystery writer with a passion for knights, tarot and Arthurian legend.

The Empire of Evil is a particularly special book, as it punctuates him taking a break from his established genre and venturing into a new literary landscape. Movies, detectives and international conspiracy feature in forthcoming novels, which will be published exclusively by us.

For long-time fans of Gordon’s work, don’t panic, his content is as vibrant and entertaining as ever; we know, we’ve seen the next book!

The Empire of Evil was a delight for us to work on and the resplendently cryptic, galaxy-laden eye you see before you was shot by Andy Wright Studios. It features a very small part of a incredibly talented make-up artist called Christina Carducci. Our enormous thanks go to their professional team for extracting precisely what we had in our heads.

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Artistic Connections With Andy Wright Studios

Andy Wright & Karen ChildMagic Oxygen are very proud to announce a divine collaboration with Andy Wright Studios, based in Toronto, Canada.

Andy was born and raised in the UK and moved to Canada almost 15 years ago. He has pursued his dream to become a high-end photographer. Andy has toured with Spock’s Beard, Sound of Contact, and the legendary rock band Marillion with whom he produced an outstanding book, 9:30 to Fillmore, an in-depth visual account of their North American tour in 2012.

From their headquarters in the Toronto area, Andy Wright Studios shoots everything from musicians to models to Marmite jars. AWS artwork has been featured on numerous album covers and their concepts and creativity have been placed on everything from social media sites to t-shirts and posters. They also do an increasing amount of work at live events and trade shows and on film and theatre sets too, capturing stills and on set action as it happens.

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Should I Enter the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize?

Neon Clock FaceAbsolutely!

As it stands, you currently have one month, one week and two days to enter our literary  prize competition.

Interestingly enough, we have a very similar numbers of short stories versus poems, if you’ll pardon the pun and we’d love to balance a few more on our ever growing pile of virtual paper!

We are planting a tree for every single entry we receive and are enormously excited about our Word Forest which is being coordinated by Ru Hartwell, a man entirely dedicated to countless planting schemes around the world.

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Author, Tracey West, Interviews Author, Mark James!

Playwright & Actor Mark JamesI’m delighted to introduce you to one of our fabulous authors, Mark James. 

Today, his award-winning play, Dear Mother has been published by us as a play script.

Mark is an actor, a music teacher and playwright based in the South West. I wanted to find out a bit more about what makes him tick and asked, which of those three hats he enjoys wearing most?

Hi Tracey, I can honestly say that the best part about my career is the variety that I get in it. I love my job and couldn’t pick an area that I enjoy the most out of them. Each one leads itself around to the other.

You were introduced to me as an actor. When did you first get the bug to act, what was your first role and in which performance?

I had always wanted to act since being at school, it was a huge passion from a very early age. Unfortunately, the school I went to was an all boys secondary that had no theatre or drama departments and music was restricted to an after school club. When I left school, life just got in the way and a new career started.

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Our Author Posts: something new from Rob Windsor

Magic Oxygen Publishing Playwright Rob WindsorToday, Rob Windsor, author of an amazingly powerful play we’re publishing soon called, Off Her Facebook! ponders that strange vacuous look that sits on the faces of so many creative people.

Click here to visit his website, and to read the post.

Here’s a little more about this very talented individual.

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Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic: Out Now!

Lilly Laine, author of Action Plan For Living With An AlcoholicThe Team are absolutely delighted to announce that Lilly Laine’s début title, Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic, is available to buy today!

The book is a survival guide for partners of alcohol dependants and has been written by a wonderful lady who knows about what happens, all too well.

Her husband was 10 years alcohol addicted and Lilly felt she had tried everything to pull her life back together and to get him to stop, to no avail.

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How to Present Your Manuscript in 10 Easy Steps

An Untidy ManuscriptWe get an interesting variety of calls at Magic Oxygen from budding authors who want to talk about their manuscripts, some of which are sitting under virtual lock and key and others have been sitting on top of the wardrobe gathering dust and dead spiders, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to burst forth.

We love it when that timely event combines with finding Magic Oxygen’s contact details, because only a few things come close to talking to somebody about making their literary dreams come true.

Assuming (a) the writer can string an entertaining sentence or two together and (b) the initial discussions go well, step (c) will be to look at the practical steps that need to take place to turn the manuscript into a paperback, graphic novel, play, e-book etc.

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Meet: Rob Windsor, Author of 'Off Her Facebook!'

Simon West & Rob Windsor
Simon West, Editor & Rob Windsor, Playwright

There are certain moments in time that need to be captured; this is one of them.

Let’s be a fly on the wall of an important meeting between Simon West, the Editor here at Magic Oxygen and the other good looking fellow on the right, Rob Windsor, a fabulous playwright and one of our latest authors.

They are currently huddled over a hot computer and working on Rob’s début graphic novel of his published play, Off Her Facebook!

If you click the link above, it’ll take you to Facing Tides Theatre, Rob’s production company and it’s tell you all about the actual performance play.

I’ve seen it several times and think I’m fairly well qualified to say, it’s fabulously dark!

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