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Children of the Crater: Out Now!

Connor Cadellin McKeeIf Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick and Article 5 by Kristen Simmons tick your box, prepare to be equally thrilled by Children of the Crater.

It is the début novel from a dynamic new author, Connor Cadellin McKee and is a deeply dark dystopian story born from a vibrant dream the author had when he was just 16.  He awoke with an urgent desire to record the vivid, intimate details from the most incredible scenes he’d lived through during his sleeping hours, all of which left him positively breathless.

Thankfully, he grabbed a notepad and pen and did just that. Continue reading Children of the Crater: Out Now!

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Press Release: 'Dear Mother', award-winning WW1 play script

Dear Mother Front CoverDear Mother: award-winning new book from Magic Oxygen Publishing

The commencement of World War 1, one hundred years ago, is respectfully marked with a heart-rending play by Mark James that has scooped 8 prestigious awards and is now available as a paperback performance script.

Dear Mother tells the poignant and emotional story of a young boy’s journey to adulthood as he finds himself inadvertently recruited and sent to the trenches of the front line. His evocative description of the loveless chaos he finds himself immersed in is told via letters to his mother.

It’s a short, four scene, one-act play with a simple set and perfect for school or local amateur dramatic players to put on, but equally impressive and satisfying as a stand alone read. The challenging monologues will push aspiring actors to achieve their best performances, as the scenes bring the audience to the edges of their seats and nudge them towards a box of tissues.

It has drawn glowing reviews from audiences, peers, acclaimed actors and award judges, including praise from members of the armed forces and the founder of the National Memorial Arboretum:

Mark takes the audience directly into the mind and experiences of a young man trying to tell his family what he’s witnessing and enduring. The lead character becomes not just any Tommy, but every man, not just an English soldier, but every combatant. At a time when we’re trying to understand, as well as recall the horrors of the Great War, one could do little better than to read or see Dear Mother.
David Childs CBE: Founder National Memorial Arboretum & Author

Mark James’ Great War vignettes succeed in creating a small window in time through which we witness the poignant story of a single life and its place in modern history; a keeper for the First World War library.
Ramon Tikaram: Actor ‘This Life’ ‘Game of Thrones’

A touching, well told story that brings to life the letters and feelings of a young boy growing up all too quickly, against the backdrop of war. This one-act play is able to produce a powerful three-dimensional tragedy, extremely well. All it requires is a simple, stark set and three passionate actors; lest we forget.
Robert B Windsor: Artistic Director Facing Tides Theatre

An ideal performance piece for schools marking the 100-year anniversary of the start of the Great War. Mark skillfully employs letters to convey his account of life on the front line. Live performances will invite audiences to appreciate it on an empathetic level as they ponder the anguish of being parted from their loved ones in a time of conflict.
Tracey West: Author and Broadcaster

Dear Mother is available to order directly from the publisher, from local independent and High Street book vendors, online and of course, from libraries everywhere.

Publication Date: March 2014
Published By: Magic Oxygen Publishing
Paperback £4.99 : ISBN 978-1-910094-08-2


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Review & Media:

High res images, electronic extracts from the play script and interviews with the author available from Simon West at Magic Oxygen Publishing.


Simon West: Editor, Magic Oxygen Publishing
Telephone: 07896 884 114
Email:   [email protected]

About the Author

Mark James DipLCM began performing in 2005 and has been involved in all aspects of stage performance at both local theatre and professional performances. He has won awards for both his acting and writing.

Originally writing Dear Mother in 2011, Mark toured the play around theatres and local festivals in the South and South West for 2 years, playing the lead role of senior Thomas himself. Dear Mother was met with great enthusiasm from both audiences and festival adjudicators alike, winning many awards including Best Set (Woolstore Country Theatre All England One Act Play Festival 2011) Best Actor (Dorset Drama League Festival 2012) Best Play in Class (Dorset Drama League Festival 2012) and Best Overall Play of the Festival (Dorset Drama League Festival 2012).

When he’s not writing, Mark is a busy singing teacher and performer, gaining his Diploma in Musical Theatre in July 2013 through the London College of Music. He also owns and runs his own production company, JNX Productions, specialising in high quality performances using the best of new and local talent.

See for his blog and further details.

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Author, Tracey West, Interviews Author, Mark James!

Playwright & Actor Mark JamesI’m delighted to introduce you to one of our fabulous authors, Mark James. 

Today, his award-winning play, Dear Mother has been published by us as a play script.

Mark is an actor, a music teacher and playwright based in the South West. I wanted to find out a bit more about what makes him tick and asked, which of those three hats he enjoys wearing most?

Hi Tracey, I can honestly say that the best part about my career is the variety that I get in it. I love my job and couldn’t pick an area that I enjoy the most out of them. Each one leads itself around to the other.

You were introduced to me as an actor. When did you first get the bug to act, what was your first role and in which performance?

I had always wanted to act since being at school, it was a huge passion from a very early age. Unfortunately, the school I went to was an all boys secondary that had no theatre or drama departments and music was restricted to an after school club. When I left school, life just got in the way and a new career started.

Continue reading Author, Tracey West, Interviews Author, Mark James!

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Magic Oxygen Shop Takes a New Consignment of The Breathing Wheel

Simon West of Magic Oxygen Publishing holds copies of The Breathing Wheel by Ant RavenwoodSimon West, our resident super-geek, is in the middle of creating a fancy widget thingie (don’t ask, it’s all alchemy to the rest of the team), which will allow you readers to have a sneaky peek through a few pages of our titles when you view them in our shop.

We haven’t a clue how he manages to make all these whizzbang gadgets and can only imagine he was very contented as a child when armed with a glass of milk, a chemistry lab kit or Meccano!

We’ll let you know as soon as our latest toy is ready to unveil, however, in the meantime I thought I’d let you know that we’ve just received a new consignment of Ant Ravenwood’s most excellent book for children, The Breathing Wheel!

Continue reading Magic Oxygen Shop Takes a New Consignment of The Breathing Wheel

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Our Author Posts: a new one by Mark James

Magic Oxygen Publishing playwright, Mark JamesMark James is a powerhouse of an actor and playwright and we’re very proud to be publishing his inaugural play, Dear Mother.

Incidentally and just as an aside, if you read our note yesterday about Rob Windsor’s latest post, you might be interested to know that Mark has played the lead role in many of Rob’s Facing Tides Theatre productions, including Off Her Facebook!

Anyway, there is clearly an element of literary glitter in the air this week, as both of our talented playwrights have knocked out stupendous postings on their websites.

Mark site can be found at and he has just penned a piece filled to the gills with advice for anyone thinking about putting on a performance of Dear Mother. However, even if you’re not considering doing so, it does offer a wonderful insight to the mind of a creative writer as he imparts top tips on how to put visual polish onto a performance.

Continue reading Our Author Posts: a new one by Mark James

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Meet: Rob Windsor, Author of 'Off Her Facebook!'

Simon West & Rob Windsor
Simon West, Editor & Rob Windsor, Playwright

There are certain moments in time that need to be captured; this is one of them.

Let’s be a fly on the wall of an important meeting between Simon West, the Editor here at Magic Oxygen and the other good looking fellow on the right, Rob Windsor, a fabulous playwright and one of our latest authors.

They are currently huddled over a hot computer and working on Rob’s début graphic novel of his published play, Off Her Facebook!

If you click the link above, it’ll take you to Facing Tides Theatre, Rob’s production company and it’s tell you all about the actual performance play.

I’ve seen it several times and think I’m fairly well qualified to say, it’s fabulously dark!

Continue reading Meet: Rob Windsor, Author of 'Off Her Facebook!'

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Press Release: Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic

Cover for Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic‘Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic’ Has a Bottle Full of Optimism

Author, Lilly Laine’s glass is brimming over.

Living with an alcoholic is no fun but leaving them is not always an option people want to take. Lilly Laine, author of this powerful new self-help book, knows that all too well.

Her husband was a chronic alcoholic for the first 10 years of their relationship. Realising nothing she did could stop him drinking, Lilly started blogging about living with an alcoholic and over time, she developed a set of techniques to get her through the tough times. These positive actions led her husband to seek help; he’s now long-term sober. Continue reading Press Release: Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic

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'Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic' by Lilly Laine

Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic
(working cover only)

We’re very excited to give you a snippet of news about our next title!

‘Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic’, by Lilly Laine, is a survival guide for people with an alcohol dependent partner, with a foreword by Tracey West, trustee for the National Association for Children of Alcoholics.

The book is packed with top tips for retaining your sanity and surviving the addict’s behaviour while supporting them in their fight to get on the wagon.

It’s an emotionally charged read that could end up being your lifeline.

Publication Date: 10th March 2014 more details to follow soon.

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'When Joe Met Alice' by Izzy Robertson, available now!

The cover of 'When Joe Met Alice', by Izzy RobertsonIt has been a week packed with excitement here at Magic Oxygen!

We are now delighted to inform you that Izzy ‘Darkpen’ Robertson has just published her first short story with us, entitled, ‘When Joe Met Alice’.

It’s a 6000+ word mini-read and if you are in the mood for something short, sweet and creepy, this should tick the box nicely.

If you like romantic supernatural stories, this is definitely for you.

It’s also a perfect read for teens that love being creeped out.

Continue reading 'When Joe Met Alice' by Izzy Robertson, available now!