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Our New Titles: The Empire of Evil

Cover of The Empire of Evil by Gordon StrongIt is with much pride and a shiver in our spines that we unveil the cover for The Empire of Evil by Gordon Strong.

Gordon is a fabulous magick and mystery writer with a passion for knights, tarot and Arthurian legend.

The Empire of Evil is a particularly special book, as it punctuates him taking a break from his established genre and venturing into a new literary landscape. Movies, detectives and international conspiracy feature in forthcoming novels, which will be published exclusively by us.

For long-time fans of Gordon’s work, don’t panic, his content is as vibrant and entertaining as ever; we know, we’ve seen the next book!

The Empire of Evil was a delight for us to work on and the resplendently cryptic, galaxy-laden eye you see before you was shot by Andy Wright Studios. It features a very small part of a incredibly talented make-up artist called Christina Carducci. Our enormous thanks go to their professional team for extracting precisely what we had in our heads.

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Artistic Connections With Andy Wright Studios

Andy Wright & Karen ChildMagic Oxygen are very proud to announce a divine collaboration with Andy Wright Studios, based in Toronto, Canada.

Andy was born and raised in the UK and moved to Canada almost 15 years ago. He has pursued his dream to become a high-end photographer. Andy has toured with Spock’s Beard, Sound of Contact, and the legendary rock band Marillion with whom he produced an outstanding book, 9:30 to Fillmore, an in-depth visual account of their North American tour in 2012.

From their headquarters in the Toronto area, Andy Wright Studios shoots everything from musicians to models to Marmite jars. AWS artwork has been featured on numerous album covers and their concepts and creativity have been placed on everything from social media sites to t-shirts and posters. They also do an increasing amount of work at live events and trade shows and on film and theatre sets too, capturing stills and on set action as it happens.

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