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Fabulous First Lines; to get you going

Shocked expressionI must confess, I am very fond of fabulous first lines.

If they grab you by the ears and make your jaw drop with excitement and anticipation, it’s often a good sign that the subsequent belles-lettres are going to entertain with fervour.

When I receive a new manuscript to evaluate, one of my favourite rituals is to arm myself with a large cup of tea, then dive into the text like I’m sliding down into fresh bed sheets; the question is will there be a literary embrace awaiting me, or am I destined for a drop-fonted, cold shoulder and an early night, for all the wrong reasons.

I thought I’d share a few wordy whoppers from some of the greatest writers of our time and I hope, as you wade your way through them, that you are inspired to (a) find a copy and go read whatever has grabbed you, or (b) find a pen and go write something better to enter into the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize for short stories and poetry – click here for details.

See if you can work out which great books these opening paragraphs come from, the authors and titles are listed below; please note, there are indeed three good Williams. Continue reading Fabulous First Lines; to get you going