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Press Release: 365 Silly Jokes For Kids

365 Silly Jokes for KidsSilly Joke Book Provides Serious Lifeline to Parents of Sick & Injured Children in the South West

It’s almost unimaginable to ponder the chaos that would ensue if your child were diagnosed with a terminal illness, or injured in an accident and rushed to hospital.

Have you any money to park the car, how can you get a message to school to sort out your other child, can anyone help with a lift-share to get your child to hospital for crucial treatment?

These are just a few of the headaches that Maggie Mickshik understands, all too well. Continue reading Press Release: 365 Silly Jokes For Kids

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Fundraising Joke Book Coming Soon for Martha Care!

marthaandmaggieWe have three book publishing models here at Magic Oxygen, namely Argon, Neon and Krypton (more on those soon).

To be honest, I’m not sure which one we are most excited about working on, as they all have such merit, but our fundraising book package, Argon, is certainly giving us an enormous sense of joy as we work on our first title in this important series.

We are industriously working (and giggling) with the guys at Martha Care and preparing to launch ‘Martha’s Huge Book of Hideous Jokes for Kids’ for their charity, which was set up by parents for parents and families who find themselves in hospital with a very sick or injured child.

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