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Guest Post: Magic and Method of Becoming a Writer

Man writing with a penWhen I first read of Magic Oxygen’s Literary Prize competition, it presented something of a dilemma for me.

I’ve always written old-fashioned tales of the supernatural – ghost stories, chiefly – in a determinedly fey and poetical style. How to adjust, to write something at once more modern but also worthy of the publishing company’s excellent work in general and its progressive ethos?

A hard task, it appeared. The problem, though, swiftly became a pleasure.

In effect the writing of my first short story, in the competitive sphere at least, gave me a welcome and vital ‘holiday from myself.’ It truly made for a refreshing change, its challenges even brought new insights on my novel-writing and plotting to the fore; all in all, I found inspiration for potential stories, long and short, along with a new impetus and passion for the craft itself.

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