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Our Talented Authors & Their Websites

If you’d like to get to know the people behind the publications, see our carousel of talented scribes & see what they’ve got to say for themselves!

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Featured Author: Sue Hampton

Sue Hampton, happy these days to be known as the Bald Green Author, was born in Essex and now lives in Herts with her husband, Leslie Tate.

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Featured Author: Leslie Tate

Leslie Tate writes ‘Lit Fic’ about the ups and downs of modern relationships. Leslie freely admits his writing is ‘adapted from life’

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Hampton and Tate: A Double Bill of Purple Out Soon!

Find out what authors Sue Hampton and Leslie Tate have been up to in a literary sense!

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Lyme Literary Events at The Malthouse

Simon & Tracey West from Magic Oxygen were joined today by Nick Bellorini to discuss the fine business of getting into print.

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