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A Ghoulish Video Update From Ant Ravenwood

Front Cover of The Breathing Wheel by Ant Ravenwood
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The Breathing Wheel is a tale of mystery and imagination by Anthony Ravenwood and we launched his début novel at the tail end of last year.

It has a splendid baddie the kids will love to hate called Gronwolfe, a twisted old soul with nothing more than vengeful havoc on his mind.

The hero of the piece is Jacob Gwytherin and alongside his childhood sweetheart Martha, readers will discover spectacular dryads, gryphons, sinister spirits and twisted hags too; the illustrations by Stephen Bayliss are fabulous.

This fast-paced quest has a full cast of mystical characters who find themselves embroiled in an evil curse destined to destroy the village and kill everyone in its wake and Ant embraced the challenge of writing a soundtrack to accompany the book – no mean feat!

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