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Magic Oxygen Literary Prize in the News

Digging the foundations at Kundeni Primary School
Bore villagers digging the foundations for an urgently needed new classroom at Kundeni Primary School, funded by Magic Oxygen

The inspiring story of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize made it into the Bridport and Lyme News today.

Editor in Chief Simon West chatted to reporter David Bol recently and said he believes the competition proved popular because entrants were rewarded by having a tree planted in their name in their Word Forest in Bore, Kenya and some of the entry money was also used to build an urgently needed classroom at Kundeni Primary School.

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Lyme Literary Events at The Malthouse

Nick Bellorini
Nick Bellorini: Director Dō Sustainability – non-fiction publishers

Simon and Tracey West from Magic Oxygen Publishing were joined today by Nick Bellorini, director of non-fiction publishing house Dō Sustainability, to discuss the fine business of getting into print.

It took place at The Malthouse in the centre of Lyme Regis as part of the inaugural Lyme Literary Festival.

It was well attended and had a handful of local authors in the audience including Carolyn King, author of the fabulous read for young ones, The Fish Lizard of Lyme.

Sustainability expert Elizabeth J Walker was also there and Nayna Kumari, both of whom have fabulous titles in production with Magic Oxygen.

Thursday 12th February sees 3 further vibrant talks and workshops in The Malthouse including:-

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Dreaming the Moon, by Izzy Robertson

Poster for Dreaming the Moon, by Izzy Robertson

Izzy is a fabulous fantasy fiction writer and loves all things esoteric.

We published her first two short stories as eBooks and you can dive into When Joe Met Alice and Catching Up With the Past for just 77p a pop.

Izzy is also one of our amazing editors and recently, put her red pen to Blind Cupid, by Max Brandt and The Empire of Evil, by Gordon Strong.

Visit Izzy’s website for more about the stuff that makes her tick at

Here’s a nibble of the mysterious plot of Dreaming the Moon:

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New Website for Bridport Prize Winning Author Chris Hill

Front page of website for Bridport Prize Winning Author, Chris HillWe are supremely excited about the forthcoming Lyme Literary Festival which will take place between 9th and 15th February 2015.

Chris Hill, one of our fabulous new authors, will be there launching his latest book, The Pick-Up Artist.

In preparation for the book launch, he has also launched a brand new website, courtesy of our sister eco-company Swan Developments.

Chris is a phenomenal social media hound and if you’d like to keep up to speed with his literary activity, hop across to and subscribe, or follow his Twitter stream or Facebook page.

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Our New Titles: The Pick-Up Artist, by Chris Hill

Front Cover of The Pick-Up Artist by Chris HillChris Hill is an accomplished author with a Bridport Prize winning feather in his cap too.

We are very proud to be publishing his forthcoming title, The Pick-Up Artist during the Lyme Literary Festival in early February 2015.

He was born on Walney Island off the coast of Cumbria in the North of England and now lives in Gloucester with his wife, their two teenage sons and Murphy, a Cockerpoo.

He works as a PR officer for UK children’s charity WellChild and spent more than 20 years as a crime reporter and editor of regional newspapers. His vocational knowledge strongly influenced the plotline of The Pick-Up Artist which is based in the office of a local paper.

This year, Chris was also one of the judges of the coveted Magic Oxygen Literary Prize.

Here’s a nibble of the plot…

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Buy the Book & Get a Tree!

Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology cover - A Tree Planted For Every PurchaseClick to pre-order.

The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2014-15 was a truly unique international writing competition that sought excellence in two categories; short stories and poetry.

This anthology contains the 10 best pieces and winners from each category. They were awarded the highest marks by 21 judges from around the world, which were whittled down from almost 800 entries received from 31 countries.

In association with the Community Carbon Link, we planted a tree for every single entry received in a tropical Word Forest in Bore, Kenya.

For every purchase of the anthology in paperback or e-book, we will plant another tree in the Word Forest and we’ll also contribute royalties that will fund the building of an urgently needed classroom at the Kundeni School.

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Our New Titles: Blind Cupid, by Max Brandt

Cover of Blind Cupid by Max BrandtMax Brandt lives in Devon with his wife Janie and started writing more years ago than he cares to remember.

For 25 years he fronted a rock band and pens lyrics occasionally, but  more recently,  has contented himself writing several one-act plays and a full length drama called Dominion which will send shivers up your spine and naturally, we’ll be publishing it soon.

His début title, Blind Cupid was written over ten years and was inspired by his time spent working in the care system with damaged and abused young people.

Blind Cupid is no gentle read. When we were first approached with the manuscript Simon and I discussed child murder and abuse at great length. Did we want to dive into this murky underworld? We don’t want to visually wound our readers and this is heavy material.

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Our New Titles: The Dreamer by Sue Hampton

Cover of The Dreamer by Sue HamptonWe are incredibly excited to announce a wonderful new signing to Magic Oxygen Publishing, in the form of Sue Hampton, a prolific and vibrantly entertaining children’s author.

Sue has an enormous back catalogue that includes The Waterhouse Girl, The Gorilla Dreams, Alas and Alack, Just For One Day, Ongalonging and many more.

Michael Morpurgo is a great fan of her work too – take a look at Sue’s website and see what he has to say about it.

In our blog post a few days back, we revealed that Sue’s forthcoming title with us is called The Dreamer, edited by our lovely Izzy Robertson and you’ll be able to get your hands on a copy when she launches it at the Lyme Literary Festival between the 9th and 15th February 2015.

Here’s a little taster of what The Dreamer is all about.

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The Lyme Literary Festival: 9-15 February 2015

Lyme Regis Beach2015 – I hear you cry – that’s ages away!

Might I be the first to remind you that in just over 12 weeks, we’ll be on the run up to Christmas; eek…

It’s fantastic news that Lyme Regis is going to have its own literary festival and quite right too, there’s heaps of talent in them there hills and we should know, we’re publishing some of it.

Simon and I are willingly assisting the organisers and doing all we can to ensure the events are packed with talks, workshops, interviews, performances and more, from some of the most entertaining and informative writers this side of the Watford Gap…we might even get some in from further than that.

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