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Normal Service Will be Resumed…very soon!

The Pause ButtonRenovation of our wonderful new offices at The Flat, 53 Broad Street in Lyme Regis has gone extremely well.

It has taken us a momentous six weeks of scrubbing, sweeping, prepping, rubbing down, painting and papering and we are just about to send out a stack of virtual, ‘We are moving’ notes.

With the help of a few dear friends, we have munched our way through over 10 metres of sandpaper, 4 litres of caulk, 90 litres of various flavours of paint, yards and yards of ceiling and wallpaper and we’ve barely set foot in the garden but have started to clear through the brambles and unloved footpaths.

On the backs of random pieces of scrap wallpaper you’ll find various designs for vertical fruit and vegetable planters made from pallets and raised beds made from scaffolding planks; it really will be a recycling dream garden.

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Magic Oxygen is Green & Unlimited!

Magic Oxygen Limited StampOh, there’s so much to tell you and so little time to do it!

I’ll be honest, I’ve not been as vocal on here as usual and it’s the result of a maelstrom of wonderful things.

Firstly, Magic Oxygen is positioning herself for a spot of gentle expansion and growth and is has just become a limited company which is rather nice. It feels a bit like she has taken the stabilisers off her bicycle and she’s getting ready to do a bit of off-roading!

MO is also about to get a bit more leg room by moving to a larger office: The Flat, 53 Broad Street, Lyme Regis. The final filing cabinets should be in place by early June but not before an exhaustive amount of painting, decorating and re-carpeting has been done first. This is not just our office however, the space above it is going to be our home too and every single square inch (yes, I’m an old fashioned measurer at heart) needs attention.

As we speak, Simon is sitting opposite me in a rather fetching pair of grubby dungarees catching up on a few urgent computer tasks and then we’ll be whizzing off to put in another full day of getting the new pad ready, then returning home to catch up with MO business proper.

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The @MagicOxygen (Literary) Christmas Message

Ladybug in Magic Oxygen Christmas MessageMagic Oxygen Publishing are proud to unveil their sustainable festive video message for 2014.

We hope that it encourages you to head to the High Street to make some of your seasonal shopping decisions.

Happy Green Christmas!

Click MORE to view.

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News of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize is Spreading

The Magic Oxygen Literary PrizeNews of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize is slowly spreading, like warm honey spilled over a bowl of cornflakes and we’re enormously thankful for the coverage!

It’s getting into the nooks and crannies of many wonderful competition listing sites and I thought this might be a perfect juncture to send them an appropriately linked thank you.

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Magic Oxygen Seeking (& Bursting With) Budding New Playwrights

Cover of Poetry of Divorce: for Women by Tracey West
Poetry of Divorce: for Women

Morning all!

What a glorious Monday morning it is, kicking off another splendid literary week at Magic Oxygen Publishing.

News just in (well, actually we knew last week, but were waiting to have it confirmed) Tracey West, one of our most prolific authors, is taking her book Poetry of Divorce: for women and adapting it into a dark comedy play.

It will feature several of her poems from the book; some poignant, some dark and a few that can can only be tagged quite simply, as saucy.

Poetry of Divorce was originally written as a coping mechanism for Tracey to get through her tumultuous divorce but the pieces she wrote didn’t lay out the intestines of her story, they were a melange of threads of truth from several divorces and many of them just sprung forth from the glittery corners of her imagination.

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Magic Oxygen Shop Takes a New Consignment of The Breathing Wheel

Simon West of Magic Oxygen Publishing holds copies of The Breathing Wheel by Ant RavenwoodSimon West, our resident super-geek, is in the middle of creating a fancy widget thingie (don’t ask, it’s all alchemy to the rest of the team), which will allow you readers to have a sneaky peek through a few pages of our titles when you view them in our shop.

We haven’t a clue how he manages to make all these whizzbang gadgets and can only imagine he was very contented as a child when armed with a glass of milk, a chemistry lab kit or Meccano!

We’ll let you know as soon as our latest toy is ready to unveil, however, in the meantime I thought I’d let you know that we’ve just received a new consignment of Ant Ravenwood’s most excellent book for children, The Breathing Wheel!

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Our Author Posts: a new one by Mark James

Magic Oxygen Publishing playwright, Mark JamesMark James is a powerhouse of an actor and playwright and we’re very proud to be publishing his inaugural play, Dear Mother.

Incidentally and just as an aside, if you read our note yesterday about Rob Windsor’s latest post, you might be interested to know that Mark has played the lead role in many of Rob’s Facing Tides Theatre productions, including Off Her Facebook!

Anyway, there is clearly an element of literary glitter in the air this week, as both of our talented playwrights have knocked out stupendous postings on their websites.

Mark site can be found at and he has just penned a piece filled to the gills with advice for anyone thinking about putting on a performance of Dear Mother. However, even if you’re not considering doing so, it does offer a wonderful insight to the mind of a creative writer as he imparts top tips on how to put visual polish onto a performance.

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New Fantasy Fiction E-book Shortie From Izzy Robertson!

Cover of Catching Up With the Past, by Izzy Robertson‘When Joe Met Alice’ was Izzy Robertson’s début e-book and it was fittingly published just before All Hallows’ Eve in October 2013.

It was Izzy’s first proper dip into the global literary market, despite the fact that she has been a passionate writer in the fantasy fiction field for more years than she cares to admit to.

We were all delighted with the book’s popularity and even more so when she whispered that she had several other chilling short tales up her long, purple velvet sleeve.

‘Catching Up With the Past’, is the second of Izzy’s short reads and is available on Kindle from today.

Actually, I’m sure she won’t mind us letting you into a little secret, but it launched at exactly 08:00 on the 1st March, the precise moment of the New Moon; a significantly positive time for new beginnings.

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How to Present Your Manuscript in 10 Easy Steps

An Untidy ManuscriptWe get an interesting variety of calls at Magic Oxygen from budding authors who want to talk about their manuscripts, some of which are sitting under virtual lock and key and others have been sitting on top of the wardrobe gathering dust and dead spiders, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to burst forth.

We love it when that timely event combines with finding Magic Oxygen’s contact details, because only a few things come close to talking to somebody about making their literary dreams come true.

Assuming (a) the writer can string an entertaining sentence or two together and (b) the initial discussions go well, step (c) will be to look at the practical steps that need to take place to turn the manuscript into a paperback, graphic novel, play, e-book etc.

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Magic Oxygen Heading to The London Book Fair 2014

Magic Oxygen will be at the London Book Fair 2014We are very excited to let you and our authors know that we will be taking our books to the 43rd London Book Fair in April 2014.

We’ll be talking to buyers and stockists, spreading the news about our diverse range of titles, encouraging them to tell the world about Magic Oxygen.

Mark James: Dear Mother
Lilly Laine: Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic
Anthony Ravenwood: The Breathing Wheel
Izzy Robertson: When Joe Met Alice / Catching Up With The Past
Tracey West: Book of Rubbish Ideas / Poetry of Divorce / Diary of Divorce / 365 Silly Jokes for Kids
Rob B Windsor: Off Her Facebook!

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