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Explore the Dark and Find the Light

Statue with head in handsNB: Depression is a clinical condition and can be treated in many ways. If you think this might be affecting you, make an appointment with your doctor as a matter of urgency, then put the kettle on and find a pen.

We have been very lucky to work with authors who have had their fair share of difficult times…they shall remain nameless, except for Tracey West.

I say lucky, not in response to them having had a slice of darkness, but in respect of working with people who have come to realise that being depressed or deeply sad can evoke some incredibly powerful pieces of writing.


Poetry of Divorce and Diary of Divorce are two cases in point, both penned by Tracey West during and after her tumultuous divorce. Tracey hoped it would lift the spirits of readers who were struggling with their own divorce and also encourage them to tap into their darkness and write from the heart when they felt the clouds were closing in.

There are no prescriptive methods to exploring this line of advice. You don’t need to be a writer, a poet or a crafter of jaw-dropping prose, you just need to know how to hold a pen or find a keyboard.

Tracey advises you to get a cup of your favourite brew, find a reliable source of tissues and something nice to nibble if the need arises, then sit quietly (or immerse yourself in loud rock music if you prefer) then pour your heart out through your fingers.

When a spot of hindsight kicks in at some point in the future, you might look back on your piece of writing and be entirely shocked and surprised by what you produced. If your mental health and well being are back on an even keel, you might not even recognise the author!

Think of the piece as a snapshot of your life at that time, a readable photograph with a splash of creativity that you never thought you had in you.

The strange thing is it might sit in a dusty drawer for years, then it’ll suddenly surface and if you choose to share it, the words might be able to help a friend who is blighted by the same clouds that you were.

Sending love and light to all.

The Team

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The London Book Fair 2014

Cover of The London Book Fair 2014 DirectoryWhat a terrific three days we’ve had spreading the word about our talented authors at the London Book Fair in Earls Court.

Paperback copies of Dear Mother, Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic, The Breathing Wheel and more were shown to interested parties with great pride and we also discussed our forthcoming titles Children of the Crater and Off Her Facebook! the graphic novel amongst many others.

Rather coincidentally, the 1st day of the fair also shared the 1st anniversary of our inaugural paperback publication, Poetry of Divorce: for women by Tracey West.

Without wanting to sound too nostalgic – after all, it has only been 370 days – our compact and bijou team feel we’ve come a long way during that time. With almost 20 titles either out in paperback or e-book and the rest in production, it’s certainly not shabby progress in what is a very challenging, volatile and occasionally fickle market.

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Magic Oxygen Seeking (& Bursting With) Budding New Playwrights

Cover of Poetry of Divorce: for Women by Tracey West
Poetry of Divorce: for Women

Morning all!

What a glorious Monday morning it is, kicking off another splendid literary week at Magic Oxygen Publishing.

News just in (well, actually we knew last week, but were waiting to have it confirmed) Tracey West, one of our most prolific authors, is taking her book Poetry of Divorce: for women and adapting it into a dark comedy play.

It will feature several of her poems from the book; some poignant, some dark and a few that can can only be tagged quite simply, as saucy.

Poetry of Divorce was originally written as a coping mechanism for Tracey to get through her tumultuous divorce but the pieces she wrote didn’t lay out the intestines of her story, they were a melange of threads of truth from several divorces and many of them just sprung forth from the glittery corners of her imagination.

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Author & Poet Tracey West Launches Blog

Tracey West, author of Diary of Divorce: for women & menTracey West is the author of the successful ‘Divorce’ series and also ‘Book of Rubbish Ideas’.

This evening on Facebook, she announced with much excitement and a considerable amount of literary glitter:-

‘I am delighted to smash a bottle of something fizzy and expensive on the front end of my blog.

It will be steadily filled with the considered thoughts of a literary chick with tongue in cheek upliftment and occasional humour.

I’ll also occasionally rattle on about my new books, talks, signings, but above all, I hope to leave you with a slightly larger smile than the one you started with.

Subscribe if you fancy it and throw your thoughts down in the comment box and if you don’t that’s absolutely fine by me.

I hope you enjoy it – T x’

If you’d like to keep an eye on what she’s up to, hop onto and subscribe.

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Pre-Publication Reviews of Diary of Divorce: for women & men

Tracey West, author of Diary of Divorce: for women & menTracey West’s second book in her divorce series, Diary of Divorce: for women & men is starting to generate a bit of a buzz.

Tracey’s first book, Poetry of Divorce: for women made great headway in the UK market, after being featured in Tesco Magazine a few months after it was published.

With the Office of National Statistics recently predicting that 42% of marriages will end in divorce, it looks as though this genre will continue to be hungry for content offering positive self-help through this incredibly expensive period; Diary of Divorce: for women & men is set to do just that.

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'160 Divorce Coping Tips', by Tracey West, Coming End 2013

Image of the Working Cover for 160 Divorce Coping Tips

The ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’ author, Tracey West is a happy and industrious soul.

Alongside penning the first book in this series, she has also been writing a daily divorce coping tip aimed at both men and women. The content is based on her personal experiences and those of close friends.

The tips are circulated via a free Android App from the Google Play Store and to date, they have been downloaded by thousands of readers in 98 countries.

‘160 Divorce Coping Tips’ is a collation of advice from the App and if dipped into daily, should lift the reader’s spirits and give them 5 months of emotional and practical support from early separation and into their divorce.

It will be available at the end of 2103 in paperback and Kindle versions. The paperback will of course, have a necessary cost attached to it, but the Kindle version, just like the daily App, will be free.

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Tracey West, Author of Poetry of Divorce, on BBC Radio Today, Countrywide

Tracey WestTracey West, author of ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’ has been asked to speak on BBC radio stations up and down the country this morning, discussing the very difficult topics of divorce and domestic violence, as a result of Nigella Lawson’s story in the news today.

In the book, Tracey highlighted the common issues many women face as they find themselves in a broken relationship and she encourages them to ‘write out their darkness’ as a coping mechanism for getting through it.

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Poetry of Divorce: for Women by Tracey West, Out Now

Cover of Poetry of Divorce: for Women by Tracey West

Today, the new book by Tracey West, ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’ has launched in paperback and Kindle e-book, across the globe.

It is the product of the tricky divorce endured by the author, but by no means an embittered read.  She discovered that writing poetry was one of her coping mechanisms for getting through it, then she dived head first into a world of poetic fiction.

The end result is a 138 page book covering a wide range of divorce based situations, with an eye catching range of black and white photography to accompany every poem, also taken by the author.

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Press Release: Poetry of Divorce: for Women

Cover of Poetry of Divorce: for Women by Tracey West‘Poetry of Divorce: an antidote to Valentine’s Day Pain’

It’s all very well dedicating February to lovers, but what about those who are wading through separation and rapidly approaching divorce? They don’t make cheerful cards for that!

Finding comfort and solace in writing, Dorset based sustainable living author Tracey Smith (now West) wrote poetry to carve a sane route through her divorce, unsure of where her muse came from, as she’d never written verse before at all. Continue reading Press Release: Poetry of Divorce: for Women