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The 3rd Magic Oxygen Literary Prize is Coming!

Poster for the 3rd Magic Oxygen Literary Prize

Click here to have a peek at the Ts and Cs before you start writing your piece.

Please help us spread the message by sharing our little animation on your social media and with any friends you think might like to enter!

Thank you.

The Team

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Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2015-16: the shortlist

We are thrilled to announce the shortlist for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize, 2015-16.

We received almost 1,000 entries from 32 countries – exceeding last year on both counts – and once again, the quality was high and incredibly diverse.

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What does he plant who plants a tree? He plants a friend of sun and sky; He plants the flag of breezes free; The shaft of beauty, towering high; He plants a home to heaven anigh; For song and mother-croon of bird In hushed and happy twilight heard--- The treble of heaven's harmony--- These things he plants who plants a tree. What does he plant who plants a tree? He plants cool shade and tender rain, And seed and bud of days to be, And years that fade and flush again; He plants the forest's heritage; The harvest of a coming age; The joy that unborn eyes shall see--- These things he plants who plants a tree.  What does he plant who plants a tree? He plants, in sap and leaf and wood, In love of home and loyalty And far-cast thought of civic good--- His blessings on the neighborhood Who in the hollow of His hand Holds all the growth of all our land--- A nation's growth from sea to sea Stirs in his heart who plants a tree.One of our Twitter friends, Shirley Harber, just pointed us in the direction of a beautiful poem called In the Heart of the Tree by Henry Cuyler Bunner.

As we slowly descend the other side of a long and positively magical weekend with our amazing literary prize judges, I thought I’d take a silent moment to read and share it with you.

I’ve much to report back to you about our discussions with the judges, including Ru Hartwell, our Word Forest Coordinator, whose unenviable task it is to sort out planting a tree for every entry we received.

There’s heaps of stuff to do and a pile of things to put away, but let’s face it, there are always things to do and countless things that need putting away…

Time for some poet-tree and a cup of tea I think.

The Team
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Can You Pot Your Summer into a Short Story or Poem?

front_loresIf it’s quirky and has entertaining read-back value, why not sling it in as an entry to the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize!

We’ve had a marvellous response to the launch of our inaugural writing competition and received some fabulously diverse entries already.

We’ve had sad, funny, criminal, quirky, romantic, saucy and more than a modicum of bizarre; all in all, a perfect blend.

A handful of this week’s entries have sprinklings of sunshine and adventure in them and I suspect the delightful UK summer (rarer than a lesser spotted twitchernit) inspired a few of our entrants to grab a pen and party.

How about you?

Mark Twain knew precisely what he was talking about when he said, Write what you know!’

So, dear creative and excitable writers everywhere, it’s time to ask yourself the following questions.

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Our Poet in Residence: Tracey West

Tracey West, author of Diary of Divorce: for women & menI do believe you have to have a bit of a quirky angle these days to get people to sit up and notice you on Twitter and Facebook.

It’s all very well if you just want to natter to friends and random strangers about what’s happening in the land of Dr Who and the like, but if you have a business message you want to spread across the globe, you need to do something slightly more edgy than pen a witty 149 characters of key blurb.

So, we thought we’d appoint a Poet in Residence to scrawl a few catchy lines on our Twitter feed and who better to anoint than our very own Tracey West, author of the successful Poetry of Divorce: for Women and performance poet of the same.

Unfortunately, we think she may have set the bar a bit high. Since she started Tweeting on the 26th March – just a week ago – she’s written 86 of the little chaps!

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