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Featured Author: Sue Hampton

Sue Hampton

Sue HamptonSue Hampton, happy these days to be known as the Bald Green Author, was born in Essex and now lives in Herts with her husband, Leslie Tate.

Inspired by her father Paul, who was a poet, she wrote as a child and has never stopped – even through 19 years of teaching as a working mum. Her first book for children, the historical adventure Spirit and Fire, was published in 07 and described by Michael Morpurgo as “enthralling… powerfully written”. It was the first of 25 and counting. Most titles are for children or teens, like the fantasy adventure The Dreamer, but Sue also has three books for adults, including Flashback & Purple and e-book The Biggest Splash, both from Magic Oxygen. Click “Add to basket” below to buy Sue’s latest title.

Sue is a prolific writer, in high demand in schools as a visiting author for any age, and an Ambassador for Alopecia UK. You may have seen her lead a team of bareheaded ladies to a £29,000 victory for the charity on BBC Eggheads! Click here for some highlights from that programme.

She writes because she’s fascinated by people and loves to make an emotional connection with readers through her vivid characters. Sue also talks about being the living proof of the power of stories, because exploring her alopecia in writing changed her life.

In her blogs she explores reasons to write, and bigger ideas about activism, diversity and individuality. When addressing reading or writers’ groups on the #PurpleTour with Leslie, (#authorsinlove) she shares ways of creating character and explores voice issues – having written from four different perspectives in both her adult novels with Magic Oxygen. Sue is working on various projects for young and older readers, so watch this space.

Visit to keep up with her literary adventures.

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Mum, Dad, What Have You Packed for ‘Me’ to Read?

child reading a book

OK, so you remembered to pack all the swimming costumes and towels. You did all the toiletries, toothbrushes and sun cream. You packed smart shoes for all the kids in case you go somewhere nice in the evening. You even remembered to pack a nice outfit for yourself, on the off chance that your other half might take you out to paint the town red.

Top marks, you’re a top parent!

Ah, but what about the journey to your holiday destination? The bit where you have to update the response to, ‘Are we there yet?’ on an all too frequent a basis.

Don’t panic, we are here to help you meet your literary needs and to offer you a bargain bundle price of just £19.96 plus bundle shipping, that’s a £7 saving!

We have four titles to keep your young ‘uns contentedly occupied, while you countdown the hours until you can slip off your shoes and say, ‘Ahhh… we’re here.’

The Dreamer by Sue HamptonThe Dreamer, by Sue Hampton

Set long ago and faraway this green allegory is an adventure that becomes desperate and dark. Moro, rich and heartless, holds the village at the foot of the mountain in his power, but he always wants more. Lark and Fedor meet an old blind man who lives alone on the mountain and calls himself The Dreamer. They glimpse the magical world they see in his crystal story bowl which is beautiful and enticing, but when Moro discovers the crystal behind the waterfall, he thinks so too and covets it for himself. There’s deception, temptation and danger as greed begins to destroy the life of the village and the weak are first to die. Age 7+.

9781910094013_dTales For Children: From the Jurassic Coast, by Tony Lambert

A collection of six funny, lively and exciting tales for young readers. In the first tale ‘Boxes of Temptation’ read how Leo and his brother Johnny attempt to make their fortune by looting a big broken container washed ashore from the huge shipwreck beached near their home on The Jurassic Coast. Next in ‘Striker’s Valley’ see how watchful Striker, brave Digger, noisy Gerty, Venom Viper and many others get together to save their home from those who want to turn it into a big car park, plus four more super tales! Age 6+.

9781910094136_dDreaming the Moon, by Izzy Robertson

Haunted by strange dreams and loathe to say goodbye to her boyfriend Anthony, Robyn Greening seriously regrets taking a summer job on the North Cornish coast. Dark powers have been growing in the magical realm, awaiting an opportunity to take control of both worlds. Robyn becomes increasingly immersed in danger as she sets off on a quest to find a lost fragment from the shield and restore it to its rightful place. Meanwhile, sinister forces on the other side are desperate to find it too. Can she manage the impossible and save both worlds before the time runs out? Age 7+.

The Breathing Wheel by Anthony RavenwoodThe Breathing Wheel, by Anthony Ravenwood

Wicked old Gronwolfe is a twisted old soul with nothing more than vengeful havoc on his mind. Thankfully, this vibrant first work of fantasy fiction by author, Anthony Ravenwood, breathes life into Jacob Gwytherin and Martha Isaf of Aden-Long Mill, childhood sweethearts and the hopeful heroes of the piece. Don’t be fooled by the description of it being set in a sleepy Welsh valley. Deep in those beautiful mountains you’ll find spectacular dryads and gryphons and sinister spirits and hags. Follow a fast-paced quest with a cast of mystical characters who find themselves embroiled in an evil curse destined to destroy the village and kill everyone in its wake. Age 7+.

Click Add to Basket to bag them all for just £19.96 plus bundle shipping, that’s a £7 saving you can spend on ice cream to keep those smiles coming!

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Come & Fall in Love With Our Amazing Authors on Sat 14th Feb


If you’ve been keeping an eye on our social media, you’ll know we’re all  getting a bit excited about Valentine’s Day… We are going to be sharing the love of 8 brand new books, so hot off the press they aren’t even in the shops yet!

On the 14th February, you are all cordially invited to our Meet the Author gig, one of the pinnacle events of the Lyme Literary Festival which we’ve helped to put together. The doors will be open at The Hub on Church Street in Lyme Regis from 11am to 2pm and you’ll be able to meet all of our amazing new authors and a few of our existing ones too.

With an absolute plethora of content and literary activity going on that day, you must ensure you have it marked in your diary. Tickets are just £2 on the door and fully redeemable against book purchases. You’ll also get a delicious cake for every book bought too, a perfect treat to enjoy as you snaffle off to a comfy chair to dive into your new books!

Between now and next Saturday, have fun hopping around on our funky widget – click the titles and see where they take you!

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Meet Our New Authors 14th February: book launch day

Tracey and Simon West of Magic Oxygen PublishingOn Saturday 14th February we’ll be launching 8 brand new titles from some very well respected and talented new authors too.

The launch pad for our fabulous new reads will be The Hub on Church Street in Lyme Regis (just up from the Marine Theatre) and will take place between 11am and 1pm – if it’s super-busy, we’ll extend that through to 2pm.

The authors (see below) will all be there and be delighted to chat to you about one of their favourite topics, creative writing!

They’ll also be available to sign copies of their new books too – these titles are so hot off the press, they aren’t even in the bookshops yet!

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The Dreamer, by children's author, Sue Hampton

Poster for The Dreamer, by Sue HamptonIndividuality, equality, difference and courage are themes Sue has explored in her 20+ novels and she believes passionately in the power of stories.

Sue has been a full-time author since 2008, writing for readers of all ages and across different genres. She loves working with young people and has performed at over 340 schools countrywide.

Visit Sue’s fabulous new website with news of her forthcoming titles and appearances,

She will be appearing at the Lyme Literary Festival to launch her new title, further details will be posted here and on her website.

Pre-order your copy of The Dreamer from our shop and get it on the day of release!

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New Website for Children's Author Sue Hampton

Screenshot for Sue Hampton's new websiteWhen we contract a new author, we don’t just get to work on covers, editing, proofreading and the like, we take a far wider view.

If a book is fabulous, that’s great news, but if nobody has ever heard of the author it’s going to be a bit of an uphill struggle taking their wares to market.

An  attractive and efficient website that puts the user journey at the heart of its functionality is key to helping us and the author bang the drum about their books.

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Our New Titles: The Dreamer by Sue Hampton

Cover of The Dreamer by Sue HamptonWe are incredibly excited to announce a wonderful new signing to Magic Oxygen Publishing, in the form of Sue Hampton, a prolific and vibrantly entertaining children’s author.

Sue has an enormous back catalogue that includes The Waterhouse Girl, The Gorilla Dreams, Alas and Alack, Just For One Day, Ongalonging and many more.

Michael Morpurgo is a great fan of her work too – take a look at Sue’s website and see what he has to say about it.

In our blog post a few days back, we revealed that Sue’s forthcoming title with us is called The Dreamer, edited by our lovely Izzy Robertson and you’ll be able to get your hands on a copy when she launches it at the Lyme Literary Festival between the 9th and 15th February 2015.

Here’s a little taster of what The Dreamer is all about.

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Meet Our Authors: Sue Hampton

Children's author Sue HamptonSue Hampton is a prolific children’s writer and in February 2015, we will be delighted to launch her new title, The Dreamer.

We’ll be unveiling her fabulously funky new cover here shortly and telling you all about the book. In the meantime, I thought you might like to find out a bit more about the wonder woman this lady is!

Sue is an ambassador for Alopecia UK and a complete and utter joy to spend time with. She’s always vibrant in discussion, eternally positive and this short video paints a wonderful picture about her and the things that inspire her to write.

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