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Come & Fall in Love With Our Amazing Authors on Sat 14th Feb


If you’ve been keeping an eye on our social media, you’ll know we’re all  getting a bit excited about Valentine’s Day… We are going to be sharing the love of 8 brand new books, so hot off the press they aren’t even in the shops yet!

On the 14th February, you are all cordially invited to our Meet the Author gig, one of the pinnacle events of the Lyme Literary Festival which we’ve helped to put together. The doors will be open at The Hub on Church Street in Lyme Regis from 11am to 2pm and you’ll be able to meet all of our amazing new authors and a few of our existing ones too.

With an absolute plethora of content and literary activity going on that day, you must ensure you have it marked in your diary. Tickets are just £2 on the door and fully redeemable against book purchases. You’ll also get a delicious cake for every book bought too, a perfect treat to enjoy as you snaffle off to a comfy chair to dive into your new books!

Between now and next Saturday, have fun hopping around on our funky widget – click the titles and see where they take you!

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Magic & Legend Author, Gordon Strong, Launches New Website

Gordon Strong's new websiteGordon Strong is probably sitting on a hand-carved, dark wooden throne with plumptious purple velvet upholstery held in with burnished copper tacks.

He’s tapping the arms of his magnificent chair with both sets of fingers…very slowly…and he’s wearing a gentle wry smile, the corners of his mouth raised a mere fragment, indicating  mild but sure contentment.

He’s waiting.


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Dreaming the Moon, by Izzy Robertson

Poster for Dreaming the Moon, by Izzy Robertson

Izzy is a fabulous fantasy fiction writer and loves all things esoteric.

We published her first two short stories as eBooks and you can dive into When Joe Met Alice and Catching Up With the Past for just 77p a pop.

Izzy is also one of our amazing editors and recently, put her red pen to Blind Cupid, by Max Brandt and The Empire of Evil, by Gordon Strong.

Visit Izzy’s website for more about the stuff that makes her tick at

Here’s a nibble of the mysterious plot of Dreaming the Moon:

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The Empire of Evil, a magical mystery by Gordon Strong

Poster for The Empire of Evil by Gordon Strong

Gordon is a prolific writer on magic, legend and Arthurian tales.

Visit Gordon’s website for further details of his back catalogue, – by the way, he has a new dark and mysterious website coming soon.

Here’s a nibble of this enigmatic, mystical plot:

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Our New Titles: Dreaming the Moon, by Izzy Robertson

Front cover of Dreaming the Moon by Izzy Robertson
Click to enlarge

Izzy Robertson has been an integral part of Magic Oxygen for some time now.

Not only a great friend, she is also a wonderfully engaging fantasy fiction writer and a terrific editor too.

She edited Connor Cadellin McKee’s Children of the Crater, Sue Hampton’s The Dreamer (out Feb 2015) and she is presently knee deep in Max Brandt’s Blind Cupid and Gordon Strong‘s The Empire of Evil; we’ll be reporting more on the last two very soon…

Izzy has been a writer of esoteric material for many years, but only realised her dream to produce actual books after encouraging chats with us.

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