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Into my stride

If writing a book is a marathon, I have realised that I just might have enough stamina to reach the end of my own personal 26¼ miles.

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Out of the chair

Writer’s procrastination is a hard thing to break. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Anvarin just took a few more steps.

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Busy Bee

Finding time to write is proving rather difficult, so maybe I will have to resort to tricking myself into finding the time!

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Slow progress, but progress nonetheless

An update on the tiny amount of progress made with my debut novel, Anvarin which is due to be published in the first half of 2014

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Two steps forward, one step back.

How to motivate yourself to get your book finished. Simon West spends some time not writing his novel but cogitating about how to complete it.

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Read some of the background to my science fiction novel, Anvarin, which is scheduled to be published in the middle of this year.