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Talking Websites & Death With Author Max Brandt

Simon West & author Max BrandtExeter Central Library was the meeting place today for our tech guru Simon and our fabulous crime author, Max Brandt. Simon was doing a spot of WordPress training and handing over the reins of Max’s new website, which launches later this week.

In between tech-talk and aside from discussing his new title that launched on 14th February, Blind Cupid, they also chatted about one of his other passions, the theatre. Right now, Max is fully immersed in rehearsals for his performance of Fagin in Oliver with the Kingsbridge Amateur Theatre Company – details will be revealed in a post by him very soon!

Max has been treading the boards in various guises for a decade and has written and produced his own play, Dominion, which we have the pleasure of publishing in May.

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Magic & Legend Author, Gordon Strong, Launches New Website

Gordon Strong's new websiteGordon Strong is probably sitting on a hand-carved, dark wooden throne with plumptious purple velvet upholstery held in with burnished copper tacks.

He’s tapping the arms of his magnificent chair with both sets of fingers…very slowly…and he’s wearing a gentle wry smile, the corners of his mouth raised a mere fragment, indicating  mild but sure contentment.

He’s waiting.


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The Dreamer, by children's author, Sue Hampton

Poster for The Dreamer, by Sue HamptonIndividuality, equality, difference and courage are themes Sue has explored in her 20+ novels and she believes passionately in the power of stories.

Sue has been a full-time author since 2008, writing for readers of all ages and across different genres. She loves working with young people and has performed at over 340 schools countrywide.

Visit Sue’s fabulous new website with news of her forthcoming titles and appearances,

She will be appearing at the Lyme Literary Festival to launch her new title, further details will be posted here and on her website.

Pre-order your copy of The Dreamer from our shop and get it on the day of release!

The Team


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New Website for Children's Author Sue Hampton

Screenshot for Sue Hampton's new websiteWhen we contract a new author, we don’t just get to work on covers, editing, proofreading and the like, we take a far wider view.

If a book is fabulous, that’s great news, but if nobody has ever heard of the author it’s going to be a bit of an uphill struggle taking their wares to market.

An  attractive and efficient website that puts the user journey at the heart of its functionality is key to helping us and the author bang the drum about their books.

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Author, Tracey West, Interviews Author, Mark James!

Playwright & Actor Mark JamesI’m delighted to introduce you to one of our fabulous authors, Mark James. 

Today, his award-winning play, Dear Mother has been published by us as a play script.

Mark is an actor, a music teacher and playwright based in the South West. I wanted to find out a bit more about what makes him tick and asked, which of those three hats he enjoys wearing most?

Hi Tracey, I can honestly say that the best part about my career is the variety that I get in it. I love my job and couldn’t pick an area that I enjoy the most out of them. Each one leads itself around to the other.

You were introduced to me as an actor. When did you first get the bug to act, what was your first role and in which performance?

I had always wanted to act since being at school, it was a huge passion from a very early age. Unfortunately, the school I went to was an all boys secondary that had no theatre or drama departments and music was restricted to an after school club. When I left school, life just got in the way and a new career started.

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Our Author Posts: a new one by Mark James

Magic Oxygen Publishing playwright, Mark JamesMark James is a powerhouse of an actor and playwright and we’re very proud to be publishing his inaugural play, Dear Mother.

Incidentally and just as an aside, if you read our note yesterday about Rob Windsor’s latest post, you might be interested to know that Mark has played the lead role in many of Rob’s Facing Tides Theatre productions, including Off Her Facebook!

Anyway, there is clearly an element of literary glitter in the air this week, as both of our talented playwrights have knocked out stupendous postings on their websites.

Mark site can be found at and he has just penned a piece filled to the gills with advice for anyone thinking about putting on a performance of Dear Mother. However, even if you’re not considering doing so, it does offer a wonderful insight to the mind of a creative writer as he imparts top tips on how to put visual polish onto a performance.

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Magic Oxygen Publishing's Top Tips for Self-Promotion

Image of a BookshelfIt’s all very well writing a book, but taking it to market is another thing entirely!

If we publish your book (and/or e-book), you will get a bit more than you bargained for. Usually, a publishing house doesn’t take on much of the role of a literary agent at all. They might engage the services of a PR agency to promote your book but they will also want to nibble away at the the profit margin of your work!

If you really want your book to fly, you will have to take predominant responsibility for doing necessary promotional work, but the more you do off your own back, the more money you retain in your profit margin and the stronger your control is of the direction your book is being marketed.

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Magic Oxygen Publishing's New Website Launches Today

logo240We are delighted to smash a bottle of Laurent-Perrier Rose on the side of the computer to launch our brand new website today, inviting existing and aspiring new authors to join the Magic Oxygen stable.

We hope you like our swish new look, most especially the typewriter on the front page which was created by our Editor Simon, also our resident super-geek.

As well as publishing authors, he has a passion for making great websites and clever widgets and he’ll be delighted to create a site to help publicise your book if you wish.

Back to our new site however, we’ll be using it to announce news of our fresh new talent and any hot-off-the-press publications from our authors, so why not bookmark us and check back soon.

Incidentally, if you would like to talk to Simon about the manuscript that resides on paper, or in your head, he’d love to hear from you, simply fill in the contact form.

Or if you have a body of work on a bookshelf already that you’d like to take to market in Kindle or another e-reader format, get in touch too, if you own the copyright, we can help!

Wordily yours,

The Team