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Into my stride

If writing a book is a marathon, I have realised that I just might have enough stamina to reach the end of my own personal 26¼ miles.

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Second Time Arounders

A poem by Simon West

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Guest Post: Magic and Method of Becoming a Writer

Guest article from Steve Callaghan talking about his experience of writing for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize

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Top Advice For Entering Writing Competitions

If writing competitions are your bag, be sure to read our white-hot tips for ensuring you’re in with a great chance of winning what’s on offer.

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Magic Oxygen Literary Prize: can you help spread the word?

Help spread the news about our writing competition by putting posters in libraries all over the world! Click, download, print & pin up – thanks!

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Explore the Dark and Find the Light

Depression can evoke incredible pieces of writing. Tracey West explains it was a fundamental driver for her while writing Poetry & Diary of Divorce

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The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Rules…in short…

The Team are getting quiverishly excited about the fact that the Magic Oxygen Literary Competition is open from MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

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Busy Bee

Finding time to write is proving rather difficult, so maybe I will have to resort to tricking myself into finding the time!

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The Ideal Accompaniments

We are delighted to re-post a blog entry made on Tracey West’s website. She is our sustainable living and more recently, divorce author and …