The Book Of Rubbish Ideas

Now available in Digital Format direct from the author or fromAmazon

We are delighted to inform you that Tracey Smith’s printed Book of Rubbish Ideas (which completely sold out) is now available in digital format.

Whether you have a Kindle, a Sony E-reader, a Barnes and Noble Nook or almost any other device, it is almost certain to support ePub or Mobipocket format.

The original cover price of the paperback was £6.99, but you can buy the digital version for just £4, then download and start reading straight away.

You can buy the book direct using Paypal (see the buy now button below) or now buy it from Amazon. So, make your savvy eco-purchase, then make a nice cup of tea and go find a comfy chair!

Also, Tracey is hard at work right now writing the follow up to TBORI… so if you know of a company or person she should feature in her next best seller, please get in touch.

P.S. If you buy the book and love it, please help to spread the word via your social media. If you write a review, let us know and we will link to it and send you a free copy of the next version!